Design Fundamentals Masterclass


Design is hard to get right, but is essential to any successful campaign. Like any good pop song, good design follows a handful of fundamental principles that you can learn and implement on your own fundraising websites.

In our next webinar we're speaking to our resident expert interaction designer, Luke Meyrick. Luke will take us through the core design principles we should always keep in mind when creating our campaigns. From imagery to colour, we'll talk about what works and how to apply it to your own site.

This session will be part presentation, part practical. We'll explain the fundamentals, then jump into the Raisely editor and do a live design review on a campaign showing you how to implement these principles in the real world.

You'll learn:

  • Fundamental design principles such as use of space, imagery and colour
  • Accessibility elements to keep in mind when designing your campaign
  • How to roll-out design principles within Raisely
  • Advanced tips on how to make the most of the Raisely editor
  • A live design review of a campaign on Raisely

Design principles for your campaign

You’re invited to learn fundamental design principles from Design Lead, Luke, that you can implement on your own fundraising websites.

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