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3 tech stack essentials for Breast Cancer Care WA

Raisely makes it easy for charities to raise money online. Discover how the Raisely, Salesforce and MoveData tech stack transformed Breast Cancer Care WA’s fundraising.

Ham and cheese.

Bacon and eggs.

PB & J…

Some combinations just work.

Better yet – some combos can transform your organisation!

When it comes to raising money online, a great tech combination makes a great deal of difference. Systems that match up seamlessly can save time, reduce stress and amplify your impact.

Take the Raisely-MoveData-Salesforce combo, for example.

This results in one fluid, automated process connecting a trio of outstanding platforms for truly effective fundraising.

Raisely hosts the campaign, MoveData processes the information into Salesforce, and there you have a 360°-view of supporters and revenue which you can do anything you possibly want with!

Three platforms – one streamlined process.

Raisely’s Customer Success Manager, Helga Wientjes, sat with Marketing and Communications Manager, Larissa Wiese from Breast Cancer Care WA, to learn more about how they have optimised their tech stack.

Read on to hear how they found their dream tech combo, and how it’s helped their teams.

Helga: Tell us about Purple Bra Day

Larissa: Our major fundraisers have always been the Long Table Lunch which sits up to 800 people and of course Purple Bra Day. With the events over the last couple of years, our beloved Long Table Lunch obviously hasn’t been possible, so Purple Bra Day means even more to us now.

It’s a six-week program that brings the West Australian community together to help support those facing a diagnosis of breast cancer. People dress up in purple and hold their own fundraising events such as morning teas and head shaves. The final day is the Street Appeal, where we "paint the Perth CBD purple" with our many beautifully costumed volunteer tin-shakers to finish off the campaign.

Purple Bra Day volunteers on the train asking for donations.

The objective for us is obviously to raise money to fund our support services, but also to reach people who might not know about us and who may need our breast care nursing, counselling, or financial and practical support services.

This year, IGA Purple Bra Day was on September 24th. We raised about $30,000 on the day, and are looking at over $290,000 for the whole campaign, thanks to extra support from IGA and their individual stores, and of course, the amazing generosity of West Australians.

Purple Bra Day
Purple Bra Day

Helga: Why did you select Raisely for Purple Bra Day?

Larissa: Well, we’d used several platforms over the years. After a lot of trial and error elsewhere, we settled on Raisely for a whole host of reasons.


  • Is Cost-effective - the $0 set-up cost made it low risk to get started.
  • Is User friendly - it’s accessible for all staff in the organisation from fundraising to marketing, finance to operations and the Executive team. The system is inherently intuitive, so there’s no real need to train people up.
  • Includes free features - many of the features Raisely includes features that other platforms will charge you for or require custom development to implement
  • Offers a great experience - Raisely produces a really wonderful and simple experience for anyone looking to donate or start their fundraiser. There are minimal assets required to produce a user experience that is on-brand and highly polished.

When you stack all of these factors up against other platforms out there, Raisely clearly won the cost/benefit analysis – we see no reason to look anywhere else!

“Raisely’s customer service is next level.” - Larissa Wiese, Marketing and Communications Manager, Breast Cancer Care WA

Helga - What makes up the rest of your Tech Stack?

Larissa: We use Salesforce as our CRM. It is core to everything we do.

Our team implemented Salesforce in 2020 following a grant from LotteryWest, having selected it as the best option available and as something which would scale with us as we grew.

It does a range of things with our data, from reporting to marketing to accounting, and gives us a complete view of everyone we engage with - so getting the right data into it is pretty fundamental to us!

That’s where MoveData and the Raisely to Salesforce integration has really helped.

Helga: What was life like before the integration?

Larissa: Before the integration, donations were manually imported using CSV exports.

This was not ideal. It was time consuming, and also meant we never had a live view of how everything was tracking along.

Wenny Gowinda, our Database Coordinator, used to download payout reports from Stripe and manually reconcile against each donation we had manually imported into Salesforce. It was Sherlock-Holmes-level detective work - time consuming and labour intensive as she pieced the puzzle together to ensure things were accurate and correctly matched.

Emma Taylor, our Community Relations Executive, raves about MoveData, as it allowed her extra hours each week to contact our supporters and communicate with them, rather than spending time setting up all of these campaigns and fundraisers manually.

“It just cut out so much of the admin that swamped us last year, and allowed us to have some wonderful conversations with our community fundraisers that we couldn’t have had otherwise,” affirmed Emma.

Data relating to fundraisers just wasn’t considered and we were missing this whole chunk of valuable supporter information.

“The integration and automation have saved me a lot of time.” - Wenny Gowinda, Database Coordinator, Breast Cancer Care WA

Helga: How is life now with the live integration in place?

Larissa: With the Raisely to Salesforce integration, we’ve been able to bring across live donations automatically. Our finance team has been so impressed - we’ve saved multiple hours each week thanks to one-click reconciliations.

Another massive win is that we’re able to bring across all fundraiser information too.

We’ve enjoyed significant benefits, particularly around peer-to-peer fundraising like the campaign hierarchies, campaign member statuses, peer-to-peer soft crediting and so on. Implementing the integration made us realise there was a lot more we could actually do in Salesforce - far more than we had originally thought!

We’re also now utilising live reporting.

Knowing that the data shown in those reports and dashboards is 100% accurate makes everything far more actionable.

And, with our marketing connected into Salesforce, too, we can tell right away what is and isn’t working and quickly alter our approach.

“It’s helped us be much more effective in our fundraising.” - Larissa Wiese, Marketing and Communications Manager, Breast Cancer Care WA

Helga: Any tips for others looking to connect Raisely with Salesforce?

Larissa: Breast Cancer Care WA would highly recommend using the MoveData integration for other For Purpose organisations - it makes the invisible visible, and gives you more time with the beautiful people who support you..

Raisely and Salesforce are world-class systems, and the MoveData integration marries the two perfectly. It has saved us a lot of time and money - it really has optimised the way we do fundraising.

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Jamie Ling
Jamie Ling
Silligong Valley, Australia

Head of Growth at Raisely

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